Everyone’s favorite WoW character Sylvanas is getting her own book later this year, just don’t burn it

For a great deal of Wow gamers, the wounds from Sylvanas are still fresh.
Will it be satisfying enough of a conclusion for her tale, if there even is a conclusion anytime soon? Well it’s contemporary day WoW, so the odds are about 50/50
In the meantime, you can take a look at her novel, which is set to debut on November 9,2021 The gist is that it connects straight into the occasions of Shadowlands, as Sylvanas wrestles with her past and how she got to remain in the position she remains in with the Jailer: the presumed big bad of the brand-new growth that may not in fact be the big bad, in traditional WoW style.
It’ll handle her past in some style, as these books tend to roll with. You can discover the official summary listed below. It’s likewise going to be narrated by Patty Mattson, who voices the character: cool little alternative!
Warcraft: Sylvanas[Battle.net]

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