PC Matic 4.0 review: Healing is still holistic, but with a brand-new coat of paint


Antivirus suites with great deals of features tend to focus on detecting and handling threats first, and then throw in some “tune-up” energies as extras. Iowa-based PC Matic (formerly PC Pitstop) takes a different technique. The company’s eponymous software is an optimization tool for your PC foremost, with antivirus being just one part of that bigger whole.The concentrate on optimization is made clear the moment you see PC Matic’s usage of control panel determines. In the world of PC Matic, your PC is a finely tuned maker primed and ready to provide the efficiency you require.Note: This review belongs to our finest antivirus roundup. Go there for information about completing items and how we checked them.
Not your normal A/V suite.
PC Matic is very various from other antivirus items. You don’t simply scan your PC for dangers.

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