Lost Soul Aside resurfaces with some remarkable brand-new gameplay

You may keep in mind that, back in 2016, a game called Lost Soul Aside was making the rounds. It’s easy to see why; even today, the flashy action in its trailers is pretty dang excellent.
Lost Soul Aside vanished from the public eye for a while, however the other day it returned with 18 minutes of brand-new gameplay. And think what? It still looks rad.

Originally a solo effort from creator Yang Bing, the developer was approached by Sony, which resulted in the creation of UltiZero Games, according to an IGN writeup notified by Niko Partners Senior Expert Daniel Ahmad. It’s currently slated for the PS4, PS5, and PC..
With some stellar action that would make Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum blush and some ill sword-boarding, it definitely looks like Lost Soul Aside is coming along well. It doesn’t appear like a release date’s been set yet, however Lost Soul Aside has actually certainly made a second impression. Ideally there’s more to come soon.

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