Let’s Build a Zoo looks like a cute zoo management sim with a dark side

Today, publisher No More Robots and developer Springloaded Games announced Let’s Build a Zoo, a new management game everything about maintaining a zoo. While it looks charming as heck, there’s a shadier side to this entire thing should you pick to peel back the veneer.
Let’s Develop a Zoo puts you in the supervisor’s seat of an animal sanctuary, creating enclosures and filling them with animals. It’s not quite as easy as merely building a panda pen and placing some bears in there( s). There’s also genetic splicing.

That’s right, we’re going full-on Jurassic Park with this. Utilizing futuristic tools, Let’s Develop a Zoo will let you fuse together any two animals, with over 300,000 combinations possible. No More Robots’ Mike Rose shared a few examples, like the “Crocoduck” and “Owlybara” on Twitter. Magnificent.
4. Entwine any animal with any other animal, with over 300,000 mixes offered! pic.twitter.com/hIsHLXxAx1— Mike Rose (@RaveofRavendale) April 27,2021
Is widespread gene-splicing insufficient turmoil? Engage in black market trading, where you can purchase and offer rare animals. You can work your personnel to the bone and “essentially turn your zoo into a meat factory,” according to a press release sent today. Yeesh.
Does the unexpected turn from cutesy zoo manager to potentially playing god for revenue creep me out? Let’s Build a Zoo will be coming out this summer, with a closed PC beta happening sometime quickly.

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