The secret myths and folktakes behind Okami

Okami celebrated its 15 th anniversary this week, and it got me reflecting to a series of articles I wrote about 10 years back (lawd) about the game’s underlying misconceptions and folktales, back when I was all young and pompous and used expressions like “literary allusion” in posts with a straight face. I understand much better now (ideally), however I still look back on that series fondly, and I want to share some of those stories here today in honour of the birthday of our favourite sun goddess. You might be amazed just the number of characters are drawn from Japanese folklore, due to the fact that lem me inform ya, Okami pretty much did the whole Wolf Amongst United States fairytale-characters-all-living-together schtick waaaay prior to old Bigby was even a speck in Telltale’s eye.
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