Just Die Already Introduces May 20 for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Publisher Curve Digital and developer DoubleMoose announced the “old people chaos sandbox game,” Just Pass away Already, will release for the Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and the Legendary Games Shop on May 20 for $1499/ ₤1199/ EUR1399
View a brand-new trailer of the game listed below:

Here is a summary of the game:
Just Pass Away Already is an old individuals chaos sandbox game produced by the designers of Goat Simulator.
You are an old retired individual in a future where people aren’t having any children. There isn’t anyone to spend for pensions due to those unthankful millennials who prefer playing computer game instead of doing actual work. Without any one to cover your living expenses, you– just like all other old individuals in this world– have no other choice however to survive on your own.
How will you endure in a world that desires you to Simply Die Already?
To make things even worse, you have actually just been tossed out of your retirement community, and your only choice now is to carry out unsafe difficulties and explore the world for retirement tickets to qualify for free retirement care.
So with society wishing you dead, isn’t it lastly time to live a little?
Key Features:

Be Old, Be Strong — You get to be an old person. Angry, delicate, poor and hating the world: the dream you didn’t know you had until now. Finally, you have actually discovered something in common with your grandparents.
Break a Leg … Break a Neck — Discover the delights of being old and made from glass, anything can break you and you can break your whatever.
Do not Attempt This at (a Retirement) Home — Complete hazardous challenges that you will never ever try in the house and answer existential questions like: can you introduce yourself from a catapult and land on someone? Or, can you endure losing your head, grabbing it and whacking somebody with it?
To qualify for a correct retirement home. Total obstacles together, or just trigger mayhem and rip your good friends’ limbs off!
Be Old. Two times. — You get to be an old individual. Good we stated it twice.
Endless Interaction — Get and engage with an extremely variety of items. Whatever from huge trouts, trampolines, guns, electrical circuitry, and fireworks, just to mention a few. Bazookas, axes, trombones, air horns, and jetpacks to discuss a few more. Yes they all can be used to hurt and maim.
Welcome Your Inner Boomer — Damage the millennial and zoomer population (we forgot Generation X, similar to everyone else). NPCs react differently depending on their age– some will laugh and clap at others getting hurt while others will run away in terror.
The Game Can Be As Crazy As You — The city is filled with in-depth environments, filled with tricks and covert courses, that motivate in-depth expedition and eccentric experimentation to genuinely see it all.
Old. Person. — Okay that’s the last time we promise.
— Wait wait one last thing! Or that you can interrupt traffic and make a traffic jam and make cars take off?

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