Of Love & Eternity Declared for PC

Developer Acorn Bringer has actually announced Of Love & Eternity for PC. A demo is now available on Itch.io.
View the demonstration trailer listed below:

Here is an introduction of the game:
Do you feel that? It is the void. It surrounds you. It squashes you as though it were the deepest darkest ocean. You feel as though you are falling from a dream. A dream without any end in sight.
It is with my sincerest remorse to notify you that you are dead. Killed in reality. Your life was taken in this most abnormal method therefore your soul will wonder the void as absolutely nothing more than a lost and broken memory. Someplace beyond this unfathomable expanse is the fractured soul of your beloved who has actually suffered equally so. Two parts of one soul set adrift in this impossible abyss and left to wait for the sinister grip to loosen.
When that time comes, your souls will not hand down, but rather fall from this location to someplace in between. A world of the damned where those who wander off are lost. Where dwell violent and wicked spirits that have long been deserted and those who wish to see you join them.
Just by reuniting with your true love may your souls become whole and ascend from that purgatory. Damnation awaits you.
The Game
Of Love & Eternity has actually been a work of passion of mine for the previous couple of years. It started as a sensation, then became a story, and now this game. While simply a short demo as of now, I hope that it communicates enough of my vision to capture individuals’s imagination.
This demo functions as an alpha stage or vertical slice of the game’s systems. There is still a lot to enhance here however I feel that I have the bones to begin contributing to in the future. There are an overall of ten parts planned with much of that material currently developed, nevertheless I need to know what people think about this very first part so I can have a better orientation.

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