Nintendo tweets in assistance of a digital E3, and uh can we get a Direct this year?

E3 2021 is back in digital kind, and it’s not going to be a paywalled affair. That’s good!
Nintendo and Microsoft were also validated to be in on the festivities, and the former actively revealed their support on Twitter through Nintendo of America president and Reggie successor Doug Bowser.
Bowser tweeted, stopping short of verifying a display or stream event like a Nintendo Direct: “It’s going to be excellent to get the video game market back together with our fans this June. We’ll make the virtual format fun and engaging.
As you might recall, Microsoft was also happily revealed to be part of the celebrations too by the ESA, and Phil Spencer participated in on the hype. Spencer tweeted out that he’s “delighted to see the game market coming together again in June,” which E3, and “other summer events are proof that our industry is strongest when we collaborate.”
Working together, eh? Now, this is all theatrics and PR optics, but at the very same time, that’s clear shade being thrown at Sony, who may once again be a no-show at E3 this year. That’s their choice, and it may make company sense for them! In terms of the consumer-side, Sony was extremely slow to carry out cross-play and cross-progression in the past, and in current years, has actually become a sort of island.
Doug Bowser[Twitter]

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