Developer clarifies Abandoned is not a ‘secret Hideo Kojima task’

Lordy, the web likes a great conspiracy story. Developer Blue Box Games, who just recently flaunted its approaching PS5 exclusive, Abandoned, has actually been required to firmly insist that the scary survival scary title is not, in fact, a top-secret Hideo Kojima partnership, following internet rumors to the contrary.
After the Dutch studio exposed its eerie-looking brand-new project on PlayStation Blog site yesterday, web tongues instantly set to wagging that the Metal Gear creator was involved in the next-gen title’s advancement, with theorists suggesting that “Blue Box Games” and director “Hasan Kahraman” (THE INITIALS !!) are mere pseudonyms for Kojima Productions. A brand-new statement on the studio’s undoubtedly sporadic website, nevertheless, declares that there is no truth to the speculation.
” We got numerous e-mails relating to the Hideo Kojima rumour,” mentions Blue Box Games. “We have no association with Hideo Kojima nor do we claim to have any association nor was it our intention to claim such a statement.” We have actually been helping other studios in the past with their projects and we desired to work on our extremely first huge project.
It ought to likewise be noted – as discovered by VentureBeat – that Blue Box as a studio has not merely introduced out of nowhere, having actually had previous releases meander around Steam’s Greenlight and Early Gain access to programs as far back as2015 Still … that’s just that type of long-con plan Hideo Kojima would perform. *.
Deserted is set up to introduce later in 2021, exclusively on PS5.
He would not. It’s not him.

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