Have You Played … Carto?

Ever since I was little, I’ve had an aspect of maps. I like a great map, me, and at school I was among those freaky kids who really liked studying location. Not just do I love taking a look at maps and attempting to memorise the places of locations I’ve never heard of, however I’m consistently interested by the way shape lines on ordnance study maps can turn a flat image of the world around you into a 3 dimensional one. When I get to hang around poring over video game maps also, it’s a little slice of heaven.
By this step, I should definitely adore indie puzzler Carto, which is everything about reorganizing squares on your map to create brand-new courses and discover lost lands so you can make your method back to your gran. It’s a beautiful chill game that’s extremely peaceful and mild to play, however I have big beef with it, too.
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