Harold Halibut, a hand-made adventure game set on a sunken ark, is coming ‘soonish’

Point-and-click adventure fans with a soft area for handmade worlds will wish to watch on Harold Halibut, “a cross between game and stop movement film.” I’m sure I have actually seen it previously– the developers at Slow Bros. have actually worked away for years– today it’s back on my radar with a story trailer for2021

The current release window? “Soonish.” It’ll be done when it’s done, of course. Video games, particularly ones that include stop motion animation, shouldn’t be hurried out. Aesthetics can just go so far.
This brand-new preview is a relatively detailed appearance at Harold Halibut’s nest of capital-C Characters, and it’s a pleasurable watch in and of itself. You’ll fit in the image as Harold, a well-meaning lab assistant.
The initial vision for the game goes as far back as 2012, during a “conversation over supper about our love of stop movement and story games,” according to the team. “It wasn’t long after that we started constructing dollhouse-sized sets and puppets in our bedrooms.” And fortunately, they persevered.
High-effort hand-made games have not always fared that well commercially, but I believe I promote a lot of us when I say the ambition is valued. It’s wonderful to see games merge with other disciplines.
I’m anticipating a big sigh of relief from the developers when this job lastly finishes up. No rush!

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