Fantasian review -droppingly beautiful RPG”

When Fantasian was first announced and the developers flaunted a special world filled with diorama-made graphics and in-depth 3D characters, it pled the concern of how it was possible to achieve such fidelity on a mobile device. Now that we have it in hand, Fantasian not just provides on what we’ve seen but it plays like a dream, too.

Hironobu Sakaguchi has been true blessing consoles with his Last Dream games because the beginning, and while this game feels different enough to differentiate itself from previous titles in the series, it is definitely that style of a role-playing game. Bringing a console-quality role-playing game to mobile I make certain wasn’t simple, but it provides the classic feel of the RPGs beloved the world-over and takes the category into uncharted area with an art design that delivers an unreal clearness and almost tangible detail that is spectacular as each brand-new scene is exposed. While the existing construct of Fantastian is just the first instalment of a two-part adventure, there’s a substantial world to explore with plenty to do. … [MORE]
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