Canceled Dreamcast Castlevania model surfaces online

A forgotten piece of Castlevania history appears to have actually been recovered. Preservationists have actually just recently found a playable demonstration of Castlevania: Resurrection, a canceled 3D Castlevania game for the Sega Dreamcast.
Dreamcast preservationists (through Polygon) got their hands on a disc that appears to predate E3 1999, when Castlevania: Resurrection was supposedly shown behind closed doors. A video reveals a speaker booting up the game, accessing a menu, and running around 3D environments in this old model.

The story would have included Victor Belmont and Castlevania Legends lead character Sonia Belmont, teaming up throughout time to handle Dracula. According to an old interview with art director Greg Orduyan, it would have been point A to B, closer to side-scrolling games than any sort of free-roaming. Nevertheless, it wound up getting canceled.
For preservationists, it’s neat to have this record of a game that existed, even if only in a model. And it’s a little odd to consider an alternate timeline where Castlevania’s tradition continued to the Dreamcast, particularly when the series has been so quiet as of late. At least we have some other series still attempting to keep the torch alight.

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