Andrew Garfield Plays A YouTube Star In New Movie Mainstream

In the statement trailer for Mainstream, Andrew Garfield’s YouTube character Link is nearly identical from a number of the video platform’s real-life stars. The movie by Palo Alto director Gia Coppola follows Andrew Garfield and Maya Hawke as YouTubers acquiring in popularity while they deal with an untidy love triangle.The movie looks like an aesthetically spectacular, totally satirical take on the world of social media characters, exploring the heights and mistakes of YouTube popularity. The trailer includes a lot of recognizable YouTube themes, with Garfield’s character goofing around in a large mansion and engaging in stunts and pranks for the sake of views.The film also stars Nat Wolff, Jason Schwartzman, Johnny Knoxville, and more, and features a number of cameos from real-life YouTubers consisting of Jake Paul and Patrick Starr.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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