Save me Mr. Tako returns with a definitive edition, physical release, and one bit of bad news for current owners

The reception for Save me Mr. Tako upon its release in 2018 didn’t really play out the way developer Christophe Galati thought it would. A passion project for fans of the Game Boy and Super Game Boy, its initial response wasn’t encouraging, with perfectly valid complaints about its difficulty, camera, and movement. Normally, a game would receive a patch or two to address these complaints. But Galati couldn’t do that as the game’s publisher, Nicalis, wouldn’t foot the bill for it. After two years, Galati split with Nicalis and Mr. Tako was delisted from digital storefronts.
On May 5, the 8-bit octopus is coming back with a new definitive edition and a physical release from the folks at Limited Run Games. Save me Mr. Tako: Definitive Edition will release for Nintendo Switch and Steam, and it will include a host of improvements over the original title. Some of these include:

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