Letting your mind enter dense, dark worlds: an interview with author Karan Mahajan

A couple of years ago, I had a long time to eliminate in Huddersfield and chose to look for any intriguing books in the Oxfam shop. I ‘d never ever seen a copy of Granta before nor hunted one down, presuming my intelligence was below its target readership and assumed my pretentiousness lay in other places. (Spoiler: regardless of continuous concerns concerning my intelligence, it didn’t.) Here it was, a problem devoted to the finest young American writers.
It consisted of a brief story by Karan Mahajan called The Anthology. It’s a world away from video games, however Mahajan’s focus on politics and world-building felt relevant to the spaces where games typically discover themselves these days. It’s terrific to see how Mahajan nearly pulls back the drape to reveal why he focuses on such a dark topic, just for it to act as a decoy, as discussed through the narrator: “Bombs always make the many of the tiniest product … Bombs see the possibility in whatever, and in this way they are like artists, dazzling improvisers, other than that they take place to eliminate, and so isn’t there a weird poetry, you ask, in a bomb that eliminates artists?

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