Evaluation: Star Wars: Republic Commando

Super Troopers.A long time ago … well, in 2005, LucasArts took a bit of a danger and threw us all a curveball with a Star Wars offering that eschewed Jedis and lightsabers, the Force, epic dogfights and much of the fantastical heroics that fans anticipate from the series, in favour of a dark and gritty tactical take on everyone’s preferred space opera. Star Wars: Republic Task force was, rather appropriately, extremely well received upon release and still routinely finds itself ranked in the leading 10 Star Wars games of all time to this day. We had our doubts as we booted this one up– most first individual shooters from the 2000 s don’t typically tend to age especially well (unless they’re Half Life 2) and can typically be a bit of a pain to return to– however what’s here is still an extremely good time.

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