Vokabulantis Is A Stop-Motion Game Shot With Physical Things

Stop-motion films are incredibly difficult to make, requiring animators to take thousands upon countless images as they position and hardly move figures and set-pieces in order create a movie. Producing even a short movie using stop-motion is a very long process, and it’s not an extremely common art form anymore. Nevertheless, Wiredfly and Kong Orange chose to make things even harder with Vokabulantis, a cooperative platformer that utilizes standard stop-motion animation to create something spectacular. Yes, it’s a computer game made with physical objects.Currently approaching completion of a Kickstarter campaign that is nearing its $82,323 goal, Vokabulantis is a puzzle-platformer that can be played either cooperatively or on your own, and the world is influenced by language– for this reason the title. The estimated launch date isn’t until October 2024, with Steam as a confirmed platform and others likewise targeted.The two kids at the center of the story want to express their love for each other, but without mouths, they should find another way. Through the game design, the development team wants you to feel what they feel, instead of informing you.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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