I created high-concept exhibits for Planet Zoo’s most recent animals, and they’re really distressing

Planet Zoo is a deeply warm-hearted game. While it’s set up to provide you as much flexibility as possible in every aspect of your zoo’s design, it still steers you firmly towards being excellent to the animals which live there. Unlike Frontier’s other animal husbandry game, Jurassic World Evolution, where everybody understands the management layer is just a way of consuming time until the unavoidable monster deathmatches, World Zoo does definitely nothing to signpost “nightmare animal supermax” as a legitimate playstyle. Personally, I believe that’s a good decision.
This week, I had Planet Zoo’s brand-new Southeast Asia DLC pack to play with, including 8 brand-new beasts and a big package of new building and construction possessions. I made a new zoo, in sandbox mode. And while it was enjoyable enough for the animals which lived in it, I did everything I could to inflict extensive psychic damage on the checking out public.
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