Cyberpunk 2077 spot 1.2: big boosts for PS4 Pro however what about the other consoles?

Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.2 spot got here recently, accompanied by an absolutely enormous list of bug fixes, tweaks and upgrades. Devoted players should see game-breaking bugs dealt with, however fundamentally, has the game been fixed on consoles? Can we now advise purchasing the title on last-gen systems? To cut to the chase, there’s great news for PlayStation 4 Pro owners, however in terms of performance and stability, there’s still a long, long way to go. What the spot notes do not spell out in terrific information is any specific push to optimise the experience for the PS4 and Xbox One generation of consoles, though there is a long list of engine-specific optimisations that ought to in theory improve the experience for all users. There are also promised improvements for the controversial temporal anti-aliasing service, plus enhanced screen-space reflections. Xbox One is singled out for memory management optimisations too – however it’s the streaming optimisations that captured our eye as it’s this that appears to be the secret for significant enhancements on the title on PlayStation 4 Pro.It’s everything about the background streaming technology – the way in which properties such as geometry and textures are generated from storage, decompressed, then rendered on-screen. We spotted the change deployed on PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One, but oddly, Xbox One X doesn’t seem to be much changed from version 1.1. In other words, there’s the sense that streaming possibly runs with a lower concern than it did previously, targeting frame-rate improvements at the expense of solving information. Ecological properties take longer to fill, pop-in is now more of an issue than it was formerly. You could state that there are streaming hold-ups, but detail does render in ultimately, provided time. Nevertheless, in thick city areas while driving rapidly, some aspects of the environment now stop working to load in at all before they pass you by. Find out more
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