It’s all right to stop working in Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium opens with you on the flooring. Your character, whoever they are or whatever might be left of them, is face-down in a nondescript hotel room. You are emerging, breaching the aircraft in between deep space and the living just to find yourself harboring the grand-daddy of all hangovers.
This is the intro to the character you’ll inhabit through Disco Elysium. They are many things, and can end up being a lot more: calculating, feeling, believing, evaluating, identified or sorry. In this minute, you are at a low, possibly the lowest of low.
Minutes later on, you can pass away trying to get your tie off the ceiling fan. The headline reads “Police Suffers Final Cardiac Arrest,” and boy, does the word “Last” do a great deal of work.

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