Go back to Castlevania’s roots with Game Archives’ Haunted Castle

This week’s release from the excellent folks over at Hamster go back to the developmental years of among gaming most-loved franchises, as Konami’s whip-crackin’ experience Haunted Castle signs up with the Nintendo Change Game Archives range.
Released in arcades back in 1988, Haunted Castle was the very first Castlevania title established specifically for the coin-op market, following the home console success of 1986’s Castlevania and Vampire Killer, and 1987’s Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. A hodge-podge of tradition and functions from the monster-hunting series, Haunted Castle sees Simon Belmont battle through 6 stages in order to rescue his other half Serena from the evil Count Dracula. Oh, we likewise get to see our kid Simon getting married in a slick white tuxedo … during the middle-ages.
Check out the action in the video below, thanks to YouTuber NintendoComplete.

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