Call of Duty: Warzone’s mid-season update is not going down well

Call of Responsibility: Warzone’s enormous mid-season upgrade was hotly-anticipated by fans, but unfortunately it has actually experienced a variety of major problems since launch.Shockingly, the enduring invisibility bug, which has plagued Warzone for months now, returned with the update. This horrible bug, which enables entire teams to turn undetectable throughout a match, was linked to this week’s return of the mini-gun variation of the helicopter. In response, Warzone designer Raven Software application pulled the mini-gun chopper completely from the game to investigate.This is not the first time this has taken place. Attack helicopters struck Warzone in December but were rapidly pulled because they were used as part of a make use of that made gamers invisible. Almost four months later, the attack helicopters returned to Warzone and, once again, were rapidly pulled since of the very same exploit.Read more
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