A years of Nintendo 3DS: What are some of your favorite games?

Cblogs of 3/27 to 4/2/2021

– NinjaSpeed celebrates the 10 th anniversary of the outstanding Nintendo 3DS.
– Shoggoth2588 presents April’s Band of Bloggers prompt regarding games that Subverted Your Expectations.
– Black Red Gaming continues ranking games in the Wolfenstein series with this blog site about Wolfenstein 3D.
– Gamingnerd sheds a light on crucial digital-only PS3 games on account of the PS3 store closing out this year.
– Startyde sheds a light on some PS3 and Vita storefront suggestions.
– Pacario shares his thoughts on the scaled down game version of Bubble Bobble.
– BRAV0 F1VE talks about the seasonal association in the video game industry.
– Aurachad evaluates Star Wars: Squadron.
– Kerrik52 reviews Tales of Xilia 2 as part of his Traveler in Playtime review blogging series.
– Humantofu shares his ideas on the “lovable” Nintendo DS Goldeneye variation.
– GoofierBrute discusses Pokemon Stadium 2 as part of this blogging series concentrating on games time forgot.
– Nior highlights a number of shoot ’em ups you can buy and bet cheap.
– Elia Fades reviews Danganronpa V3: Killing Consistency in this video review.
– Elia Pales attempts to understand why Nintendo made Super Mario 3D All-Stars a minimal release.
– Black Red Video gaming shares a list of his most anticipated game releases in April.
– My Massive Downstairs Hairy Cooking area shares his thoughts on Mother 3 and the pleasures and the discomfort of games in general.

– PhilsPhindings goes over the similarities between the soundtrack of Final Dream Tactics and a number of genres of music.
– Elly Meridian applauds the release of the indie game Elly and the Ruby Atlas.
– Acefondu discusses the toxic nature of online interaction.
– ABowlOfCereal shares a summary of all his Super Smash Bros. posts (almost 200 blog sites!).
– PhilsPhindings discusses the similarities between the soundtrack of Super Punch Out and dance-pop music.
– Gamingnerd provides all of you some words of encouragement in a day of fooling individuals.
– PhilsPhindings sums up all of his musical posts of the past couple of years (100 blog sites!).
– Shoggoth2588 shares his gaming journal of March2021
– ChronoLynxx opens recently’s TGIF open community thread.

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