The uncomplicated loop-de-loop surrealism of GTA Online’s racing tracks

Reyner Banham as soon as spoke about the architectural properties of crisps. I would love to have existed. Today I am re-reading his thrilling book on Los Angeles, The Architecture of 4 Ecologies, and I’m browsing twenty-year-old magazines. I’m reading Banham again because his generous and observant take on LA constantly feels like convenience reading. In March 2021, simply opening the book seems to bring the warmed-concrete spaciousness of that city, with its standing highway pillars and lively circulation in between city and wilderness, into the saggy darkness of the lockdown home.And I’m looking through old mags due to the fact that Banham sent me back to GTA 5 and then GTA 5 sent me back to a Wipeout Blend print advertisement, a double-page spread, when seen and always remembered, in which London has been picked as a website for the development of a multi-gajillion pound anti-grav racing track, and the residents are not happy about it.Read more
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