The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Got Every Character He Asked For

James Gunn turned Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy from an obscure, mostly-forgotten superhero team into a billion-dollar residential or commercial property. That appears to have provided him some cachet with Warner Bros., because Gunn states he had his choice of the litter when writing Suicide Squad.Gunn required to Twitter on April 1st to tweet out the upcoming movie’s theatrical trailer, noting that “the only joke here is on the supervillains who accepted work for Amanda Waller.” Alongside the tweet, Gunn addressed a bunch of fan questions. One of the most fascinating concerns who he was able to include in the motion picture. Warner Bros. has usually been a choosy about just how much liberty creators can take with characters, especially on the tv side. For Gunn, however, that wasn’t a problem.No. I got every character I requested for, despite the fact that sometimes they resembled WTF?— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) April 1, 2021″ Was there any DC characters they would not let you have?” asked one fan.Continue Checking out at GameSpot
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