LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Legend would hit the spot right about now, however it was delayed out of spring

Well, shoot– another delay. And not always a game I expected to be pushed back once again.
TT Games prepared to conclude LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga by spring 2021, but since today, the self-proclaimed “greatest and best-ever LEGO game” won’t make that release window.
The developers kept in mind on Twitter that they just “require more time”– but stopped short of sharing a revised target. We’ll hear more about the “updated launch timing as quickly as possible.”
Thanks to all our fans for your continued persistence.— TT Games (@TTGames) April 2,2021
From everything TT Games has actually been saying about The Skywalker Saga (including the reality that there are a number of hundred playable minifigs which means they’re going to need to get a bit strange with character choices), it seems like a real culmination. I hope with more time, it’s whatever we’ve been desiring.
If you have not been following the game much (or you simply forgot … I kind of did!), you’ll be able to get the story and play at any point in the nine-movie timeline. I make certain I’ll do the whole consumed completionist thing in any case– this is a LEGO game, after all– however I value having that option.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga may not be at the top of our most-wanted list for 2021, however you know what? Time away from LEGO games, the Star Wars franchise at large, and even simply online discourse has done marvels for my interest in it. TT Games hasn’t had much to reveal of The Skywalker Saga lately– perhaps I should’ve seen this delay coming?– however simply skimming the screens right now, yeah, sure, I wan na journey some AT-ATs on Hoth for the quickly hundredth-or-more time. Let’s go.
I’m half-tempted to bust out Rogue Squadron II tonight. It’s in writing now so I can’t back out.

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