Clash Heroes: Everything we know so far about the upcoming action RPG

April is a really important time when it pertains to service of almost any sort. For the majority of business, it is the start of the very first quarter of the new financial year, and this makes it a fantastic time for them to reveal new items. Clash of Clans developers, Supercell, have actually pulled out the stops this time, however, by revealing three brand-new titles for their ever-expanding Clash universe. Amongst the reveals, there were two titles from nascent studio Supercell Shanghai: Clash Mini and Clash Heroes, but it’s the latter that we’re going to talk about right now.

If you wish to discover all three of the titles that were revealed then you can read about it in our news story from earlier today, which covered the statement of all three brand-new Clash games. But, if you want to discover more about the 3rd statement, the action RPG, then we’ll simplify for you below. … [MORE]
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