Frontier addresses Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha’s tedious area taxis and murder planets

Elite Dangerous is currently in the throes of alpha testing its brand-new Odyssey growth, with pre-order gamers now able to put a minimal version of the experience through its paces. Some of Odyssey’s brand-new functions have actually shown more controversial than others at this early point, and Frontier has now relocated to address a few of its greatest pain points – consisting of Odyssey’s tortuous AI-piloted Pinnacle Interstellar taxi service.Apex Interstellar is primarily intended to provide players who’re passionate about Odyssey’s on-foot combat however less so about area flight with a way of getting round the galaxy without needing to pilot a ship of their own. It’s an entirely sensible idea in concept, but the reality is an unbearable bore, leaving gamers stuck in the guest seat with nothing to do for lots of – frequently lots of, lots of, many – minutes at a time.It’s uncertain anybody would actively choose to use Odyssey’s space taxis in their present guise (least of all those seeking instant gratification thrills), however their rubbishness is worsened by the truth taxis are the only way to navigate in the present alpha phase, leading to substantial criticism over the last few days.Read more
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