Someone assembled all of the Switch’s top-scoring games that you can beat in four hours or less

Anyone remember when the Change came out?
Those initial eShop flood gates? Who could forget … Vroom in the Night Sky, probably an early low point? Or Kamiko? An incredible peak? Well, there’s been a lot of games since that preliminary duration, and Redditor yuxbni76 handled to wrangle up a very option selection of them.
Skillfully, yuxbni76 carefully picked 144 games with a “75 Metacritic rating that you can beat in four hours.” It’s simple and classy. And helpful! If you’re trying to find a rainy day weekend game, these sorts of things can be best to just get and choose.
There’s a lots of gems therein, some old, some new. Take a look at the listed below list for a beginning location, and a good concept of what this missive has to offer.
Leading scoring Change games[Google Sheets via Reddit]

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