Shrouded Citadel, the upcoming AR dungeon game, lets you run, evade, and crouch IRL to find your way out

Dodge, crouch, and run your way out of the dungeon in Shrouded Citadel, the upcoming Augmented Reality game from Pifer Studios. The first-person AR adventure jobs you with fixing numerous puzzles and avoiding death traps to make it out of the dungeon unscathed, all through 1:1 scale movements you really need to carry out in real life.

Coupled with exhilarating sound results embeded in a vibrant 3D environment, the special experience makes things a lot more interesting as you shoot your plasma gun at inbound opponent fire or conceal behind cover to avoid fire blasts. The goal is to collect a certain number of idols per flooring so you can open eviction onto the next one – but only if you can handle to make it through the traps and obstacles along the method. … [MORE]
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