Neo-noir shipment thriller Cloudpunk unveils “sequel-sized” DLC City of Ghosts

Developer Ion Lands is returning to the neon-drenched streets of its beautiful Blade Runner-esque delivery thriller Cloudpunk in a brand-new “sequel-sized” DLC, City of Ghosts.City of Ghosts introduces a 2nd, totally voiced project that serves as a direct sequel to the primary game, as soon as again following
Canine buddy Camus is likewise along for the flight, but this time Rani is signed up with by a 2nd hero – deadbeat gambler Hayse – with gamers changing in between the pair’s interlinking stories as City of Ghosts unfolds.” As Rania attracts the unwelcome attention of the enormous shipment corporation Curzona,” discusses Ion Lands, “she should likewise avert a secret society of AI worshipping zealots. Her night gets even worse when the Debt Corps lastly track her down, and Rania finds herself attempting to outrun her past as well as a bloodthirsty, chimeric cyborg.

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