Marvel’s Avengers is getting MCU costumes, ‘for purchase with credits’

Ah guy, looking at how various publishers handle various Marvel games is night and day.
Some are probably more beholden to the license and response to the Mouse. The game suffered for it, in any case.
Take these 2 Marvel promos. Credits that can be made or acquired outright with real money.
In any case, “nameplates, clothing inspired by the MCU, and a fatal HARM Space hacked by Yelena Belova (that’s Florence Pugh’s character in the upcoming MCU Black Widow film)” are pertaining to the game “this spring.” It’s another in a string of glacial rate updates that a great deal of individuals are tired of awaiting.
On top of the complicated PlayStation upgrade process, it hasn’t been a great month for the game. It perhaps hasn’t been a good year for it.
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