EWS podcast episode 135: the very best co-op games

After what’s ending up being a chillingly routine meditation on the principle of Matthew extinguishing the lives of astronauts, today’s podcast waded into some strong reminiscence about traditional co-op games on PC. Indeed, with Alice away today, the young boys were actually method-acting the theme: two extraorfinarily buff soldiers, grimacing with war-weary determination against a crowd of meandering, half-on-topic anecdotes.
Nate got method too fired up about his concept for a Dance Transformation mod based upon Pacific Rim, Matthew got to reveal some love for the adorably brutish Gears Of War series, and stern warnings were given on the damage that Overcooked can do to relationships. The Cavern of Lies included a short and absolutely harsh RPG adjustment of the very first level of Halo 2.
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