Dead or Alive director Yohei Shimbori has left Koei Tecmo

Yohei Shimbori has actually left Koei Tecmo. Shimbori has actually headed up the 3D battling franchise Dead or Alive for a prolonged 16 years, however has actually decided to take his leave of the developer/publisher.
” Since today, I have actually left Koei Tecmo Games,” stated Shimbori on Twitter (as translated by Gematsu). “I worked on Dead or Alive for 16 years, and while there were times I was pleased, there were also times I was unable to live up to expectations. I would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost thankfulness to the numerous people who have supported and taken care of me. Thank you quite.”
It’s an honest and candid farewell message from Shimbori, who began with the Dead or Alive franchise as a designer for 2004’s Dead or Alive Ultimate, and ends his time with the franchise as the producer/director of 2019’s Dead or Alive 6. While I have actually constantly been a fan of the pacey, technical, and pleasing battling mechanics of Dead or Alive, the series has gradually decreased into repetition, with DoA 6 going all-in on the shopping cart mechanics.
However, despite the cash-cowing of the franchise, Dead or Alive has always been strong once it comes to The Battle itself; Dead or Alive 5 Last Round being a fantastic entry in specific. It will be intriguing to see what direction Koei Tecmo takes with DoA moving forward – whether the series go back to its roots, is provided a complete redesign, or is put simply to one side for the foreseeable future.

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