Battling EX Layer’s Switch edition, Another Dash, is headed west April 15

You might remember, back in February, Arika announced an adjusted Nintendo Change edition of its cult combating title Fighting EX Layer, with the promise of more news on April 1. Well, it appears that “additional news” is the game’s real release – at least in Japan – as Combating EX Layer: Another Dash is now available on the Japanese model of the Nintendo eShop, with a western release to follow on April15
Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash is a free-to-play “disrobed” edition of the 2017 fighter, which features a revamped control plan, in addition to the elimination, or replacement of particular mechanics within FEXL’s “Gougi” system. The free-to-play edition of Another Dash includes 4 characters – D.Dark, Darun, Kairi, and Shirase – while a paid DLC pack adds all staying members of the FEXL roster, as well as online play. This will be the exact same shipment system for the western release, with the paid edition retailing for around $25
Battling EX Layer had a hard time to find its place in the congested battling game market, and while it has actually never actually taken off as much as Arika may have been hoping, it’s a strong little fighter, with am old-school cast of characters and strong and generous support from its developer. Perhaps this brand-new Change edition will assist the game to find a new audience in handheld form.

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