Unusual Video Gaming News, March 2021

March has been a particularly good month for unusual and uncommon news; it appeared like every day I looked at the gaming news something odder had actually happened. I’ll kick things off with probably the weirdest thing I saw this month
Billions of Crabs Might Run Doom.
Professor Ethan Mollick from University of Pennsylvania’s School of Wharton has determined that it would theoretically take around 16 billion crabs to run DOOM. This estimation originates from a 2011 paper from Japan’s Kobe University in which teachers developed a reasoning gate utilizing swarms of crabs..

Routine readers will understand that DOOM is a go-to for odd video gaming news, with a story seeming to turn up about as soon as every 2 months. From fridges to pregnancy tests, there’s apparently a little group of individuals who are identified to get DOOM operating on almost anything.
I think this entire thing can be summarized in one quote:.
” We’ve had the Iron Age, the Stone Age, this is the Pissing About Age”– Karl Pilkington
Halo Icon Identified in Justice League.
Love it or dislike it, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is among the most notable film releases over the last few years. And to commemorate the Snyder cut release of Justic League several props and costumes were put on display at Dallas’ Discovery Park.
One fascinating little information has actually been found on DeathStroke’s outfit in specific – a symbol on the katana grip that’s practically similar to the Runes Emblem from the Halo series.

The working theory is that it stems from Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul, who runs an organisation called the league of assassins (who trained Batman, as well as DeathStroke). If you Google search “Ra’s al Ghul’s sign”, one of the main images that pops up is the Runes Emblem from Halo’s multiplayer.
So it appears that a Batman fan who knocked up a fan-fiction draft has manged to squirrel in a logo design that was practically certainly taken from Halo and has now wound up in a significant film release.
Call of Duty: Warzone Contains Far Right Emblem.
Continuing the style of logo designs appearing in unusual places, Call of Task: Warzone handled to consist of an emblem used by a far-right group called Azov Battalion, a Ukranian group which obviously increased to prestige in 2014 after a report from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Person Rights declared that it was accountable for making use of abuse and other war crimes in Ukraine.

An incredibly similar variation of the group’s emblem was discovered by a Reddit user as part of Warzone’s Chimera Pack. As you can see from the comparison image above, they’re basically the very same, but with the colours inverted.
Samurai Face-off Model Found Under Tree.
They state the apple never falls from the tree, and obviously exceptionally unusual game models do not either.
The prototype in concern was produced for SNK’s disappointing Hyper Neo Geo 64, which has a total of 7 games to its name. It’s thought that the prototype has actually been left buried in the dirt for over 20 years.

It was discovered by a pinball device repair professional beneath a tree in California. Eurogamer communicates the story:.
” He had received a call from a client to fix a pinball device, which was in a particularly bad method. She said she bought it from a lady whose hubby had actually owned a pinball and game machine repair work and supplier business that went out of service in the late ’90 s.
Weiss visited went to woman female see if there was anything worth potentially possibly purchasing restoring Bring back and it was in her field that he saw six 6 of unknown origin sitting under a collapsed tree.
Weiss asked if it would be alright for him to sift through the pallets and possibly make a deal to purchase some of the contents. Inside the pallets Weiss found the mystical Active Neo Geo 64 Samurai Shodown 64 prototype – and set about discovering somebody who might make sense of it.
Anthony Bacon plans to try and discover the files prior to publishing them, making it offered for everybody to download and play the prototype
The Rock Xbox Mini Fridge.
It would not be a monthly assemble without a minimum of one random celebrity news piece! Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has coordinated with Xbox to release his new energy beverage, ZOA. And by going into a sweepstake you can win an Xbox Series X ZOA Mini Refrigerator (filled with ZOA), an unique ZOA-themed wireless controller, coasters, and some sunglasses.

I’m actually not ready to insult The Rock, but I’ll gladly bash his marketing group– the advert for the launch is such an awful mix of awkward humour that it’s clear the team Googled “What do player kids like?” and it came back with “Esports and humour”.
If you want in, you can go into by means of Microsoft benefits here (note that the Sweepstake ends June 1st)
Halo Moa Pringles.
The Rock’s mini fridge was a bit odd, but celeb recommendations are constantly a little cringey. The real weirdness occurs when marketing collaborations cross with imaginary worlds to generate a new product. In this case Pringles, Walmart, and Halo teaming together to produce Halo-flavoured Pringles for Walmart.

These minimal edition Pringles obviously taste of Moa– a bird from Halo: Reach. I like to think they actually taste of excrement and someone in the item advancement department is chuckling maniacally
Shed Specialists Can’t Stop Kids Obtaining Jobs.
Here in the UK we have a great love of specific niche magazines and evaluation websites. Popular TELEVISION comedy quiz reveal Have I Got News For You has an entire section committed to them. My preferred is the British Brick Society.
WhatShed is one such specialist website and it just recently published a job listing for a Minecraft Landscaper. Essentially, you would be a consultant making recommendations and using feedback through Minecraft. The pay is ₤50 an hour, so excuse me if I have actually moved jobs and you don’t get another one of these unusual news pieces in April.

The issue is that WhatShed rapidly received a huge number of applications, primarily from children, requiring the business to upgrade its listing so that it didn’t fall foul of child labour laws..
Whatshed has a comment area which is now complete to the brim with comments like:.
” Hi, can I get involved if I do not have a game console and I am 14 years old?”.
” I’m playing Minecraft 8 years I’m 13″.
” I have an Xbox with a great deal of downtime due to the fact that I’m 12.”
PlayStation 5 Scammers Take Over NHS Executive’s Twitter.
The National Health Service (NHS) is for numerous in the UK a source of pride. It’s a little embarrassing when an NHS executive’s Twitter accounts are hacked by scammers promoting phony PlayStation 5 sales. This is especially notable because of course the NHS and NHS executives have access to a dreadful lot of delicate information.

Helen Bevan, the executive in question, was also a day away from hosting an online virtual event which was because of be participated in by thousands who had been motivated to use Twitter as a discussion tool. She has considering that received stacks of messages from people who apparently fell for the rip-off.
The icing on the cake is that Bevan actually paid someone who stated they might help, but who ended up being a scammer too. Fool me when ….
Bevan’s accounts have because been restored by Twitter.
That finishes up the whirlwind that was March! I hope you enjoyed it. If you haven’t already then feel free to check out February’s unusual news here– it covers pomegranates, anti-terrorism, and Steam trying to launch in China.Full Short article – https://www.vgchartz.com/article/448137/ weird-gaming-news-march-2021/
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