Arm v9 promises ray tracing for smart devices and a huge efficiency boost


Arm stated Tuesday that ray tracing and variable rate shading will migrate from the PC to Arm-powered smart devices and tablets as part of Armv9, the next-generation CPU architecture that the company expects will power the next years of Arm gadgets. Chips based upon the v9 architecture will be launched in 2021, providing an approximated 30- percent enhancement in performance over the next 2 Arm chip generations and the devices that run them.Arm’s v9 will likewise include SVE2, brand-new AI-specific guidelines that will most likely be used for the AI image processing used on mobile phones, such as portrait mode. Arm v9 will also include what Arm is calling Realms, a hardware container of sorts specifically developed to safeguard virtual makers and safe and secure applications. To read this article in full, please click here
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