Anuchard is an Action RPG, Releases Q3 2021 for PC

Publisher Flexibility Games and designer stellarNull revealed the action RPG, Anuchard, will launch for PC via Steam in Q32021
View a gameplay trailer of the game below:

Here is an overview of the game:
A retro-inspired 2D action RPG in which you play as a Bellwielder to recover souls of missing out on individuals and bring back the world’s fallen civilization.
Inspired by Quintet Enix classics (Soul Blazer, Terranigma), Anuchard tells a story about reconstructing civilization from scratch likewise the relationship with its divine beings.
Key Functions:

Restore Anuchard’s Fallen Civilization — Throughout the game you will obtain more villagers. It could be a chef, farmer, herbalist, or even seaweed enthusiast. Each villager will contribute to your town and likewise give you different advantages in battle.
Fight Numerous Beasts with an Action-Packed Knockback Fight System — With Audros Bell in hand, use it to knock enemies and things! Battle various opponents with various Armor types in handmade retro design dungeon.
Resolve Dungeon Puzzles — Master the knock back mechanic and resolve different puzzles inside the dungeon!
Prepare a Hearty Meal in the Orchard — Cook different sort of foods before going to the dungeon, mix different type of veggies, and find food dishes.
Get Powered Up by Food — Various food will give different abilities. Try out various foods to discover capabilities that match your play design!

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