Onmyoji: Arena tier list

If you’re brand-new at Onmyoji: Arena, chances are you do not actually know who are the meta champs and which are the very best picks in terms of power, when it pertains to the heroes. Today I’ve focused precisely on that, and I have actually developed a total Onmyoji: Arena tier list of all the heroes in the game, so you will know exactly who you should choose.

To be completely sincere with you, it was quite difficult to rank a few of the heroes, because of the absence of information. Let’s take Menreiki for example – if you manage your masks accordingly, and are a master player with her, you will definitely consider her SS-tier. If you do not know how to combo her skills and how to best utilize them depending on the circumstance, you might state she’s hardly a B-tier. There is a healthy discussion about the game on Reddit, so examine it when you are finished with the tier list. … [MORE]
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