Feature: Forget Saving Hyrule, Zelda: Ocarina of Time Is Everything About Fishing For Me

Draw of the wild.To commemorate the 35 th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, we’re running a series of features looking at a specific aspect– a theme, character, mechanic, place, memory or something else completely– from each of the mainline Zelda games. Today, Kerry admits that she didn’t constantly adhere to the proposed path when playing among Link’s most popular adventures … Did the Hero of Time triumph against his terrible enemy, approving Hyrule a duration of peace and success? Or does history record his defeat, this unexpected occasion introducing The Imprisoning War and all the catastrophes that followed? Or … did the Hero of Time make a beeline for the fishing pond by Lake Hylia and hope the whole Ganondorf/time travel/world-saving service was going to arrange itself out while he was preoccupied with pole-caught piscines?Read the full article on nintendolife.com
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