How PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal is keeping the game fires alive

It does not truly seem like a PlayStation launch without a Housemarque title, whether that’s Super Stardust’s fine looks at the dawn of PS3, Vita and PSVR or Resogun’s star turn upon the release of PlayStation 4. For PlayStation 5, we’ve needed to wait a little while, but it’s easy to understand why – with Returnal, Housemarque makes possibly its biggest departure yet with a shift to blockbuster third-person action. We’ve just been paid for a fresh look at Returnal as part of tonight’s State of Play, showcasing the procedural levels, the extreme atmosphere and gunplay in addition to a surprise shift to a PT-inspired first-person interlude. It’s a lot to take in, so we spoke through all of it with Housemarque’s own Mikael Haveri and Returnal director Harry Krueger. It’s excellent to have Housemarque back. I didn’t rather realise it’s been four years given that your last release, which is quite a long time for you people. And a lot has actually occurred in between. Early in 2015, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in being a little bit concerned for Housemarque – there was the whole game is dead thing after Nex Machina underperformed, and after that Stormdivers was put on the shelf. And then you come back with what looks like your biggest, most ambitious and grandest game. How did you go from Nex Machina not doing so well to all of an abrupt making something on this scale?Read more
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