A Long Journey To An Uncertain End is an appealing space opera with a touch of tabletop

A narrative management space opera. That’s almost as much of a mouthful as the game’s title, however it’s the way designer crispy imaginative describes its game A Long Journey To An Uncertain End, presently running a Kickstarter campaign until March 4.( There’s a demonstration on Steam here.) The principle behind it really makes you question why nobody has actually made a game like it prior to – the ideas recognize, however not the tone. In the demonstration I played as part of a preview occasion, you, the captain of a spaceship, concerned, only to understand you are the spaceship, a fully sentient AI just represented through a human, which you then get to create yourself in a character developer. The very best thing: the assistant guiding you through this creation process and the primary steps in the game is C.O.R.G.I., a holographic … well, you guessed it.Read more
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