’90s shmup Cybattler is today’s Game Archives entry

Hamster is stepping with style into the 1990 s for today’s Game Archives release, which sees Jaleco’s fantastic however underplayed shmup Cybattler return for one more round on PS4 and Nintendo Change.
Released in arcades in 1993 – long after the preliminary shmup craze had passed away and combating game cabinets were filling centers worldwide – Cybattler kept the flag flying with its chaotic, vertically-scrolling mayhem. A couple of gamers pilot big mech units in a full-blown war against waves of opposing mechas, spaceships, and substantial, dominating manager characters. The brave pilots are armed with a choice of interchangeable firepower, in addition to an effective saber for close encounters. Gundam? Never ever become aware of him … coughs.
Have a look at the non-stop action in the video listed below, courtesy of YouTuber Martinoz.

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