Blizzard on Diablo 4’s Rogue and how PvP works within the open world

Ahead of BlizzCon 2021, we had the possibility to sit down with Diablo 4 game director Luis Barriga, and Diablo 4 art director John Mueller to talk about the just-announced Rogue character class, how PvP works in the brand-new open world, and the darker, grittier look of the game compared to its divisive predecessor.Why did you bring back the Rogue for Diablo 4? Luis Barriga: We felt like with the lineup that we were gradually building up, with the Barbarian, the Sorcerer and the Druid, the Rogue offers us this remarkable two-in-one ability of representing that finesse mastery class, both on the melee side and on the ranged side. Of course, on the varied side, that’s the archetypical Diablo 1 rogue.

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