Oh yes, these Zelda: Skyward Sword Joy-Con will be mine

Oh hey look brand-new Nintendo hardware that’s highly sought after and wasn’t up for pre-order when they were revealed.
Yes, it’s none aside from a brand-new set of streamlined looking Joy-Con: the Skyward Sword HD controllers. Nintendo kept in mind the Joy-Cons will “introduce on the video game’s release date [July 16] at your regional retailers.” Thanks! We might use a heads-up so these do not go on sale on a random midnight hour while a few of us are asleep.
If you’re simply thinking about the hardware products, that gets around 2: 30 in the listed below video. As the video explains, the best Joy-Con is implied to emulate the Master Sword, while the left is the Hylian Guard.
Best of luck! If we hear anything we’ll get the word out. In the meantime you can take a gander at them.

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