Nvidia’s RTX 3060 will mine crypto at half speed, might be easier to buy

With brand-new graphics cards unavailable for purchase at their market price months after launch, gamers are unsurprisingly a bit touchy about just where all of AMD and Nvidia’s new GPUs are ending up. Nvidia partner Zotac suffered reaction the other day after publishing an image of their graphics cards with the caption “an army of GPUs hungry for coin”, suggesting they were predestined for cryptocurrency miners rather than players. It’s perhaps with this type of mindset in mind that Nvidia has actually made a big announcement concerning their approaching RTX 3060 graphics cards.So here’s the rub: the RTX 3060’s performance will be synthetically limited when carrying out cryptocurrency mining, with Nvidia stating that the card will restrict its hash rate by approximately 50 per cent. That must make the RTX 3060 far less effective at mining and a much poorer worth for miners, consequently reducing a stiff source of competitors that regular consumers deal with for each graphics card sold.Instead, miners are being motivated to buy new speciality mining cards that Nvidia is also announcing today, which won’t face the restriction. The new range is called ‘CMP’, which represents ‘Cryptocurrency Mining Processors’, with cards to be offered from Nvidia and its partners – consisting of Asus, Colorful, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI and Palit. Learn more
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