Meet Microsoft’s brand-new ink-first app, Journal


If you’re a Surface tablet owner or simply somebody who chooses inking over a keyboard, you may be looking for an app that focuses on the pen. For that, there’s a new Microsoft app: Journal.Journal matters for 2 reasons. One, Microsoft is attempting to provide everything pen and paper does, plus more. And 2nd, Microsoft tends to migrate features– or gestures in this case– it develops inside individual apps to the greater Windows and app environment. It’s possible that Journal represents some future version of Windows.Technically, Microsoft Journal belongs to the Microsoft Garage, an app incubator that often (however not always) produces a full-fledged application. Journal’s notable due to the fact that Microsoft developed it as an ink-first application. In reality, that implies getting rid of certain conventions: removing e-ink by flipping the pen over or pushing a button. Journal’s UI is also page-based. Journal “looks” at what you compose, attempts to figure out what it is you’re inking, and uses suggestions to manipulate that text.To read this short article in complete, please click here
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