GTA Online Update Includes More Peyote Plants So You Can Trip Out, Man

Rockstar Games has upgraded Grand Theft Car V’s multiplayer mode once again, bringing with it brand-new cosmetics, more events to participate in, special sales, and the most important thing of all: hallucinogenic plants.Additional Peyote plants are now in the wild throughout GTA Online. You’ll have to “wander off from the beaten path” to find them, Rockstar stated. However if you do, you’ll be dealt with to a journey that will make you see “hellish” visions and change your body into “beastly” creatures. Eating these plants will also teach you lessons about the meaning of life and the fact of presence. “Consume at your own danger,” Rockstar said.Peyote plants are collectibles in GTA Online that have actually been added and eliminated from the video game for many years, today they are back. They are really trippy experiences, as consuming them begins a vision where your character morphs into land or sea creature like a feline or a shark. Rockstar didn’t reveal the list of new plants or reveal where to find them, but individuals on the web have currently located them and you can find many videos on YouTube.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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