Mini Review: Prehistorik Male -Age Platformer That Time Forgot

You’re in genuine Barney Rubble now.For a short, shining duration, the video game market appeared to become consumed with cavemen. We’re not exactly sure why this is– the Flintstones remake can’t have actually accounted for all of it. Bonk’s Adventure, Caveman Games, BC Racers, Joe & Mac, Bignose the Caveman and more absolutely flooded the marketplace with Mesozoic mascots. Titus’ DOS hop n’ bopper, Prehistorik, begat Prehistorik 2, which eventually begat SNES title Prehistorik Man– the subject of this review. Following ports to both Video game Young Boy Advance and DSiWare, it’s dropped on the Switch’s SNES app– and if you have actually invested the last 28 years disregarding it, now’s the time to give it a look.It’s a strangely forward-thinking video game, regardless of being embeded in the stone age. In addition to extensive yet tightly-packed platforming levels rammed to the gills with bonuses and tricks, there’s likewise a good line in gadgetry, offering that old-school “gameplay variation” by virtue of phases where you bounce around on a pogo stick or hang-glide throughout huge gorges. It has an Amiga-ish feel to its level style, however things are usually fixed up to suit the SNES audience who choose their games a little less … abstract.Read the full article on
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